2024 marks a new chapter and some exciting developments for our brand. The company we started in 2017 has grown beyond our wildest expectations when we decided to leave the comfort of our day jobs for the unknown. 

We had a vision that this brand would create designs that were modern and playful, with a sense of nostalgia and down-to-earth simplicity that is distinctly Australian. 

Over the last seven years, our brand has developed a life of its own: with its own unique personality and a broader team of talented people, creatives and collaborators that breathe life into it daily. To reflect this, you may have noticed an update to our core brand identity from SARAH ELLISON. to ELLISON STUDIOS. This change will begin to be reflected with both our local and international retail partners over coming months. With growth comes change and with that change, a chance to evolve. This next evolution is as much for the team as it is for us as founders.

Our name will now reflect this collective team dynamic, and the new era we are stepping into as a studio identity.


And a warm thank you for joining us on our journey. 

Leigh and Sarah.